Quarter in Washington students enroll in M194DC/UCDC Seminar, M195DC, and 195CE.

M194DC/UCDC Seminar – 4 units graded

UCDC seminars focus on topics relevant to the Washington, DC experience, such as the presidency, Congress, international development, foreign policy, or the Supreme Court.

A fundamental part of the UCDC academic curriculum is the research seminar designed to supplement the internship experience through the substantive and research requirements. These special topics courses are taught by UCDC instructors, local Washington experts, and occasionally visiting UC professors.

195CE – 4 units graded

The 195CE course will guide you in making connections between your internship experience and your ongoing academic training at UCLA. Students can select from the 195CE course offerings here. The following items are elements of the course:

  • Attend bi-weekly meetings with a departmental 195CE Graduate Student Instructor
  • Complete weekly reading and/or writing assignments
  • Complete final paper or project

M195DC – 4 units Pass/No Pass

This course is designed to foster connection among UCLA students at the UCDC Center, and to provide additional mentoring and guidance throughout the quarter. Please note that in order to receive credit for 195DC, you must attend all three, mandatory, one-hour sessions over the course of the quarter. To complete the requirements for 195DC, at the end of the quarter you will submit a portfolio that includes samples of your written work as well as a self-assessment memo.