With strategic funding UCLA received from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Mellon Data & Social Justice Curricular Initiatives Program and the Center for Community Engagement is pleased to announce new teaching incentive grants for enhancing course offerings at UCLA.

We will offer awards to research accounts of $8,000 to develop new undergraduate or graduate courses to teach in the areas of critical data studies, data & society and digital humanities, using social justice frameworks. We are particularly interested in supporting courses utilizing a community-engaged pedagogy in relation to both Los Angeles and beyond.

These new courses will contribute to enhancing offerings in the Divisions of Humanities and Social Sciences at the undergraduate and graduate level. The faculty award recipients will form a cohort of colleagues who convene quarterly to shape a broader data-centered social justice curriculum, reaching across academic departments at UCLA.

The Data & Social Justice Teaching Grant recipients will then work with their department chair to schedule and teach their new course during AY 2023-24 or 2024-25. Courses may also be cross-listed.

Each grant recipient will receive an award of $8,000 to be transferred to the awardee’s research account.


UCLA ladder faculty in the Humanities and Social Sciences


Mellon Social Justice Teaching Grant recipients will participate in the following activities during Academic Year 2022-2023:

  • An initial gathering pre-Fall quarter with a focus on social justice pedagogy and community-engaged course development
  •  A once-per-quarter meeting of the Data & Social Justice Teaching Grant program cohort to advance their work through innovative course design, culminating in a fully developed new course syllabus by Spring Quarter 2023 and a presentation of course designs through the Center for Community Engagement’s pedagogy workshop series.

Application deadline: April 15, 2022

To apply, submit the following:

  1. Letter of application that addresses the following:
    • Proposed new course topic in critical data studies or digital humanities
    • How the proposed course builds on your research and teaching experience
    • How the proposed course would contribute to building curricular offerings focused on data, society, and social justice
    • If your proposed course would utilize community-engaged pedagogy, identify prospective community partners and describe your prior experience with community-engaged work
       Indicate whether you propose to offer this course within your home department or another academic unit (Digital Humanities, Masters in Social Sciences)
    •  If your proposal is to offer this course within your home department, provide an endorsement letter from your department chair confirming that this new course has the support of the department and can be offered as a department based and/or cross-listed course within the next two academic years
    •  If the proposal is to offer this course outside your home department, provide an endorsement letter from your department chair and the outside unit chair.
  2. Curriculum Vitae

Please submit you application materials to the Center for Community Engagement email account:

For further information about the Mellon Social Justice Teaching Incentive Grant program, please contact Dr. Munia Bhaumik, Program Director of the Mellon Social Justice Curricular Initiatives (